Your first step to maintaining superb water quality in your spa or hot tub could not be easier. Our ClarionSpa Active Silver Oxygen System is a simple to use 1-pouch-per-week treatment*. This 5-in-1 non-chlorine sanitiser harnesses the unique cleansing power of silver!


Regular purging, draining and re-filling your spa or hot tub is an essential maintenance task. Using the ClarionSpa EcoPurge Power Puck is your second step to eliminate the hidden and stubborn deposits which cling to the pipework within your spa or hot tub. Say "goodbye" to grime!


Start as you mean to go on by cleaning your spa or hot tub with our third step ClarionSpa Mineral Ball Filter to re-fill your spa or hot tub with superbly clear and contaminant free water! Just one ClarionSpa Mineral Ball Filter treats a full year of spa or tub usage!