Making the most of your hot tub

Clarion Spa can provide you with some of the most innovative hot tub chemicals on the market place today, but we obviously also want you to make the most of your fantastic hot tub experience.

Hot tubs and spas offer you a warm water environment that combines massaging jets with buoyancy, making it not only a thoroughly relaxing experience but your hot tub can also provide hydrotherapy to promote a variety of health and wellness treatments.


First things first… your safety is paramount!

Don’t forget it is always extremely important to SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE first to ensure that hydrotherapy and high-heat conditions are suitable for you and your family.  Please follow our guidelines below and those of your hot tub retailer. Clarion Spa’s recommended quality hot tub stockist is Project Pool, who currently offer free delivery and free installation (to the UK mainland).

  • Avoid hot tub temperatures that are excessively high.  The control panel on your hot tub allows you to manage the temperature of the water. Different temperatures are recommended for different treatments. A water temperature between 102 and 104 degree F loosens tight, tense muscles and relieves pain from arthritis, muscle spasms, and backaches. A neutral temperature of 92 – 94 degree F calms the nervous system and is effective in treating insomnia and reducing anxiety, exhaustion, and chronic pain. The water temperature for young children and the elderly should not exceed 95 degree F.
  • Do not soak in your hot tub for more than 15-20 minute intervals as sitting in a hot tub elevates your body temperature and the temperature of your internal organs.  Don’t worry it only takes a matter of minutes for you to reap the benefits of hydrotherapy! If your hot tub is set at a lower temperature you can soak in it for longer periods of time.
  • Ensure that your hot tub is regularly sanitised to keep it clean and hygienic.  Use Clarion Spa’s “chlorine free, easy-to-use and environmentally friendly” 3 step hot tub chemical range. Effortless weekly water care with our Active Silver Oxygen pouches, quarterly purge and drain deep clean with our EcoPurge Power Puck and top up / refill your hot tub with our Mineral Ball Filter. If you are pregnant SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE to ensure that it is safe for you to use your hot tub.
  • If you or your family have mobility problems always ensure that somebody else supervises your use of the hot tub.
  • Children / vulnerable adults should always be supervised whilst using the hot tub.
  • After using your hot tub allow 60-90 minutes before retiring to bed in order to let your body temperature drop.


Okay so you’ve established hot tubs are safe for you… so what happens during hydrotherapy?

  • After 5 minutes… Your blood pressure and pulse rate begin to drop.
  • After 8–10 minutes… The heat from the hot tub leads to a process called ‘vasodilation’ (or the widening of blood vessels) to stimulate and increase the blood circulation throughout the body, particularly the immune system’s white blood cells. This increases the circulation in your hands and feet, making them feel warmer.
  • After 12–15 minutes… The buoyancy effect of the water allows your muscles to relax and become more reactive to passive exercise. Your tissues are more malleable and become receptive to stretching, which encourages the release of lactic acid and other toxins from your body.
  • After 15–20 minutes… By eliminating the effect of gravity, pressure is removed from the joints, and stress on the supporting muscles and ligaments is lessened. Your minor aches and pains begin to decrease in severity.


Ahhhh…. Relaxation

As the blood vessels open up (dilate), tension and pain can subside and the body increases the production of endorphins (those lovely feel good hormones). The buoyancy of the water creates the relaxing sensation of ‘floating in space’. Jets release a mixture of air and warm water and can be used for a gentle or vigorous directed massage. Your hot tub can help to lower blood pressure caused by day to day stresses. Hot water is known for its soothing properties, and you can enhance this further by introducing aromatherapy with essential oils. Always use caution with essential oils as some may exacerbate certain medical conditions; if in doubt SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE.

Project Pool’s hot tub range includes their ‘Theatre Spa’ with integrated T.V. and sound system.


Ouch…. Exercise Injuries

Hydrotherapy can be a useful when healing exercise injuries, however be patient and proceed with caution!  Cold water/compression aids the reduction of inflammation and heat should only be used at the correct time in the repair process. If you use hot water hydrotherapy treatment too soon after injury it may only aggravate the inflammation and cause further damage to the tissue so SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE.

When pain and swelling have significantly subsided, hot tub hydrotherapy can be used to improve circulation, reduce muscle spasms and provide pain relief. Areas of the body can be fully immersed and jets can provide a directed massaging effect.  The buoyancy of the water may also help to increase a range of physical motion and loosen muscles.

Project Pool’s hot tub range includes a variety of ‘Swim Spas’ which provide you with a gentle or vigorous swim against resistance jets.


Pain Relief from Ongoing Medical Conditions e.g. Arthritis

Those with arthritis may benefit from the pain and stiffness relief that hydrotherapy can provide, however do remember to SEEK MEDICAL ADVICE.  Exercise is important in the long-term management of arthritis as it helps to keep joints moving, increases strength and flexibility, reduces pain, and protects joints against further damage.

Increased circulation and free movement in the buoyant heated water of your hot tub creates an ideal environment as the buoyancy reduces your body weight by approximately 85-90%.  This allows for the safe exercise of sore joints and muscles without weight or pressure. Your hot tub simulates gentle exercise, therefore you gain some of the same health benefits of exercise but with less stress on the heart. A hot tub increases the heart rate while lowering blood pressure, instead of raising it as other forms of exercise do.

Project Pool’s hot tub range includes a variety of ‘Swim Spas’ which provide you with a gentle swim against resistance jets.