How and when are orders dispatched?

All orders received before 2pm are processed and dispatched the same day.  Orders after 2pm will be processed and dispatched the following day.  All orders are dispatched via Royal Mail on a Tracked and Signed for service.

Can I use my aromatherapy products when using Active Silver Oxygen?

Yes you can use aroma beads or crystals, we do not recommend that you use oil based products though.

What should I do if I add too many pouches of Active Silver Oxygen?

It is difficult to do this as you should only be using 1 or 2 pouches per week. If for some reason you overdose with more than our recommended dosage rates please contact a member of the ClarionSpa team.

Is it safe to drain the water from my spa or hot tub onto the garden?

Yes, all of the ClarionSpa chemical products are completely environmentally friendly and will not damage your lawn or plants.

How often should I change the water in my spa or hot tub?

We recommend that you change your spa or hot tub water every 3 months. We call this purging and draining. Use our innovative EcoPurge Power Puck system to give your spa or hot tub a very thorough clean before draining.

How often should I clean or change the filters in my spa or hot tub?

We recommend that you clean or replace your cartridge filters every 2-3 days. The cartridge filters are very important in removing suspended particles from the water which can turn it cloudy. This is more important if you use the Active Silver Oxygen System as this increases the amount the cartridge filters can actually remove.

Do I need to add anything else to my spa or hot tub if I am using Active Silver Oxygen?

No, the Active Silver Oxygen System does everything for you. This is a 5-in-1 system which sanitises the water, keeps the water crystal clear, keeps the water algae free, has a comfort enhancer and also aids in a higher anti-bacterial barrier to keep you, your friends and your family free from harm. We do recommend that you monitor your pH levels weekly.

How simple is it to use ClarionSpa products?

All ClarionSpa products have been designed to make looking after your spa or hot tub effortless!

Can I switch over to Active Silver Oxygen if I have already been using chlorine or bromine?

The Active Silver Oxygen System is completely compatible with chlorine, but we would recommend that you purge and drain your spa or hot tub if it has been more than a month since you last carried out this process.  As bromine is more volatile you will need to purge and drain your spa or hot tub prior to your first use of the Active Silver Oxygen System.

Do ClarionSpa products have a use by date?

All ClarionSpa products have a shelf life of three years, so you can rest assured that our products will last even if you skip a season and do not use your spa or hot tub for a number of months.

Are ClarionSpa products safe to use on sensitive skin?

All ClarionSpa products are kind to your skin. As we use a non-chlorine sanitiser in our Active Silver Oxygen System, it will not dry out your skin or hair. It will only make your skin and hair feel silky and soft as we have incorporated our unique SpaSilk formula.

Can I save money buy purchasing a number of ClarionSpa products together?

Yes, we encourage our customers to purchase our product range together or in bulk. Please enquire about promotional offers.

Can Clarion Spa products be used with inflatable spas?

Yes of course, Clarion Spa products are ideal for all types of spa and hot tub. In fact as you only need our three step range for complete sanitation your Clarion Spa kit is as portable as your hot tub.

Why should I change over to the Clarion Spa System?

You will save money by using our competitively priced products, you will care for the environment by using our eco-friendly products, you will save time by using our effort-free products, and you will bathe safely by using our skin-friendly products.

Can Clarion Spa products be used with a wood fired hot tub?

Yes, you can use Active Silver Oxygen to maintain the quality of water in your hot tub but as there is no filtration system you will still need to empty and refill your hot tub with fresh water on a regular basis. If you refill / top up with the Mineral Ball Filter this will help to reduce contaminants. To make your wooden hot tub more efficient with greater sanitation you could purchase a bespoke easy fit Filtration Conversion Kit from our preferred supplier Please contact us for further information.

My hot tub is a new purchase, can I start using Clarion Spa products straight away?

Your retailer should always advise you to initially ‘purge and drain’ prior to using a new hot tub in order to flush away any potentially harmful residue remaining in the pipe work from the manufacturer’s ‘wet test’. Purge using our EcoPurge Power Puck then refill using our Mineral Ball Filter. Then effortlessly maintain weekly water sanitation with our Active Silver Oxygen pouches.

Can I do anything else to improve my hot tub water sanitation?

Yes, it is really important that you work with any hot tub water care products to maintain ultimate water sanitation. Therefore please avoid the following factors:

  • Irregular filter clean or replacement
  • Ineffective, irregular and rushed purge and drain maintenance
  • Ineffective and rushed clean of the hot tub shell following purge and drain
  • Hard source water refill
  • Contaminated source water refill
  • Hot tub positioned near trees and let open to the elements
  • Bathing in body oils, cosmetics, lotions, sun creams etc
  • Child ‘accidents’
  • Drink spills

I live outside the UK, can I still purchase Clarion Spa products?

Yes, of course. We have lots of Clarion Spa customers worldwide. Order securely at our preferred supplier Delivery time is usually within 14 working days. International Terms and Conditions of sale will be applicable.

Will the Mineral Ball Filter free hose adapter attach to any garden hose?

The free adapter is fully compatible with branded hose connectors e.g. Hoselock. If your hose is not branded you may need to change your hose connector to ensure a good fit.

Can you recommend a supplier of high quality spas and hot tubs?

Our recommended supplier is who provide a range of high quality, excellent value, U.S. manufactured hot tubs to suit all needs and budgets. Check our their swim spas and visual/audio hot tubs for ultimate luxury. Delivery time is usually 14 working days. For a limited time they are offering FREE delivery, FREE installation by a friendly experienced technician, plus a FREE Clarion Spa Season Kit.