“To be forewarned is to be forearmed”

Throughout the research and development phase of Clarion Spa’s eco-friendly ‘3 step’ hot tub chemicals, extensive research was conducted into creating high quality, effective, value for money and hassle free water care products, but most importantly SAFE chemicals for you and your family! Although ClarionSpa has 20 years experience in the water care industry we are continuously learning and evolving our products to meet the needs of our customers.

This blog is certainly not intended to ‘scare-monger’, moreover to ensure that you, the consumer, are aware of the effects of the chemicals which may be present in your usual hot tub chemical brand. It’s so easy to keep purchasing the same old thing without realising a. what you are actually buying, and b. that there are innovative alternatives out there. Now you can make an informed decision and purchase confidently.

Okay so lets start with ‘Chlorine’ and its derivatives ‘Dichlor‘ and ‘Trichlor‘ (please do double check the ingredients of your usual brand as manufacturers will try to pull the wool over your eyes by listing them as something you will not easily identify). Skin is the largest organ in the human body, and whilst it is technically waterproof, the skin can absorb contaminants from the water as heat opens your pores. If you notice dry and flaky skin after you have relaxed in your hot tub then these chemicals may be the culprit. Chlorine strips the skin of its natural oils and causes it to dry and crack, which can also cause premature wrinkles. If you have sensitive skin or allergies you may also develop an itchy skin rash, sinus / breathing problems or sore red eyes. If you have colour-treated hair, particularly you blondes, you need to take extra care as these chemicals may cause hair dryness and, worst case scenario, breakages or the dreaded ‘green tinge’.

Those are some of the effects on your hair and skin, but don’t forget ‘Chlorine’ is also not great for your swimwear. It causes the fabric to shred, the colour to fade and the elasticity to break down. It can also corrode your expensive hot tub’s operating system, discolour the shell, and can make the plastic parts brittle. You do NOT need harsh chemicals to achieve effective water care or cleaning results.

Moving onto ‘Bromine’; whilst not quite as odouress as the chemicals mentioned above it can still cause all the same effects. It is often a more expensive ingredient within your hot tub chemicals, however showering off the residue of bromine from your skin and hair is certainly not as easy as trying to wash away chlorine and even that can be difficult enough.

Then you are probably using pH balancers, pH reducers etc etc so that you are essentially relaxing in a hot chemical cocktail… eugh! You do NOT need multiple products to achieve effective results (plus all the time, effort and money that it entails).

All of this, and don’t even get us started on the negative effects of all these chemicals on the environment when you purge and drain your hot tub!

Is there an alternative to Chlorine, Dichlor, Trichlor and Bromine?

Taking these basic facts into consideration (along with comprehensive research conducted by our specialist chemists) Clarion Spa has developed for you a high quality ‘chlorine/bromine free, easy to use and environmentally friendly’ 3 step hot tub chemical range. Effortless weekly water care with our Active Silver Oxygen pouches, quarterly purge and drain deep clean with our EcoPurge Power Puck and top up / refill your hot tub with our Mineral Ball Water Filter. There is no need for multiple, expensive, ineffective products and you should not need test strips and balancers etc.

Obviously please don’t just take our word for it, do some research of your own and this will help you to make your own informed decision about the best hot tub chemicals to suit your needs.

Hot tubs should be a fun, relaxing experience for you and your whole family, but most importantly they should be safe!